5 Basic Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

It is 2019 and social media marketing is all the rage. Instagram and Youtube are leading the business marketing race so running a blog may seem a bit of a passé and tedious work.

But blogging is still a cost-effective marketing tool that works for all types of businesses. lt will help grow your business and increase your income.

Here are 5 key reasons your business needs a blog. 

1. Keep Your Customers Engaged.

Once your customer has made a purchase, you don’t want them to forget you now, do you?

You want them to keep returning to your website. That’s where a blog comes into the picture. 

When you share content that is useful to the readers, they start trusting you and will keep returning to your website to find solutions for their problems.

2. Increase Your Sales

Blogging can increase your sales by including well-placed Call-To-Actions in all your blog posts. Since you have already gained the customer’s trust by sharing useful information, they will be more willing to purchase from you rather than your competitors.

You have to provide value to the customers first before asking for something in return. Use the blog section to share tricks, educate on various issues pertaining to your industry or just give more insight into your product range.

3. Attract New Customers.

What business doesn’t love more customers? 

In today’s world, people use Google for finding solutions for all their problems.  And your business should utilise this opportunity to introduce your products to them by solving their problem first.

Having a blog can help you reach new potential leads and turn them into paying customers.

Eg. You want to sell an anti-hairfall product to a person struggling with hair fall. This person will probably go to Google and type something like “how to stop hair fall” in the search box to find solutions. 

This is your chance to grab their attention toward your product by creating an SEO optimized blog post on the subject and help solve their problems. 

4. Boost Web Traffic

Google favours websites that are updated regularly. Also, the more webpages you have, there is a higher chance for your website to be discovered by your target audience via search engines.

A business with a blog attracts 55% more visitors than a business that doesn’t. So try to create at least one blog post every week and optimize it to rank for a keyword phrase of your choice to boost your web presence. 

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5. Become A Leader

Creating thoughtful, educative blog posts consistently will establish you as a leader in your field.  Show your expertise by creating blog posts on important issues that affect your industry. Share latest research, statistics and even case studies. 

No Time to Blog?

Writing blog posts regularly may seem like a time-consuming task. However, you don’t have to do it all yourself. 

Most businesses hire freelance content writers to outsource this task. Content writers can take care of everything from brainstorming ideas for blog posts, writing and editing the content and even upload it into your CMS backend and help save time.

Make blogging one of your top priorities this year and see the results for your self.

importance of a business blog
importance of a business blog

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