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Off Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Rankings

Seo is one of the key components of every digital marketing campaign. If you want your website to rank higher on google’s search engine, you cannot ignore on-page as well as off page SEO techniques.

Yes, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is divided into two categories-

  1. On Page SEO– the factors within your website that affect page ranking i.e site speed, keyword research, etc.
  2. Off Page SEO– factors outside your website/page that affect your page ranking. i.e backlinks and popularity.

On Page SEO is easier to manage and within your control. But Off Page SEO is a slightly more complicated task. at hand But it’s not impossible to crack it. Once you master it, your web page rankings will see a massive boost.

6 Off Page SEO Techniques to Boost Your Page Ranking

1. Internal Linking

A huge opportunity lost to boost SEO is failing to interlink your pages within the website.

If one of your pages is popular and ranks high on Google’s Search Engine, adding some internal links to similar pages will help pass some link juice to it.

So make it a habit to add internal links to all your pages. This also helps Google understand a particular page’s relevance.

Another benefit of internal linking is a reduced bounce rate. If a reader likes your post, he is likely to be interested in reading more about similar topics.

This will keep him/her on your website for longer which may eventually result in a sale (or at least a newsletter sign up).

2. Guest Posting

Getting other high authority websites to link to your page/website indicates Google about your website’s popularity. This results in a higher search engine rank.

A good way to get backlinks to your website is guest posting on high-authority websites and blogs within your niche. They already have a huge reader base that is within your target audience too.

So this is huge opportunity to introduce your brand or products to them and boost your web traffic too.

3. Social Media Marketing

A buzz around your brand or products on social media can result in a lot of google search queries regarding your brand. This massive inflow of traffic is also a good way to improve your domain rankings.

While social media marketing does not have a direct impact on your search engine rankings, this off page SEO technique helps create a lot of word-of-mouth advertising which eventually helps build your online presence in the long run.

So don’t shy away from building your presence on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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4. Blogger Outreach Program

Another good way to get a lot of backlinks to your website is reaching out to bloggers. Bloggers usually have huge influence on your target audience’s buying decisions.

And to have your products featured on their blog doesn’t just result in higher sales but also improves your website’s ranking if they give you a backlink.

So find some reputed bloggers within your niche and have them review or mention your products on their blog.

5. Get Featured

Apart from guest posting and blogger outreach programs, a feature or interview on a popular online website or podcast is a great way to boost your brand’s web presence.

Imagine the exposure a backlink or interview from a publication like Vogue or Harper Bazaar can give to your business! Pitch your story to editors or hire a publicist. Also, do podcasts and live sessions on social media platforms with popular influencers within the niche.

6. Business Listings

Business listings are a key part of improving your local SEO rankings.

Websites like Justdial or Google My Business are the new Yellow Pages. A link back from such high authority websites doesn’t just improve your domain authority but also helps improve your brand’s presence on the internet.

The 6 Off page SEO techniques need your attention too while growing your reach online along with on page SEO. If you need a content writer to take care of your on-page SEO so you can focus on these, I can help you out. Find out how?

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off page seo techniques

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