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5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

A good content marketing strategy can give you amazing results and help bring you more customers. In fact, creating content is often one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience and get repeat customers.

But I see so many brands commit some common mistakes that are ruining their content marketing campaign. Are you making these mistakes too? Keep reading to learn how to fix it.

5 Common Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Planning Ahead

Great brands and publication houses plan their content months in advance. Because it helps you visualize your content creation process and also enables you to publish content consistently.

To stay on top of your content strategy, create a simple editorial calendar either on paper or use a project management platform( I personally use Trello to create a workflow for all my client projects as well as for my own blog)

List down all the ideas you have on your mind and ask your team members to pitch in too. Assign a due date to each task and get working on it.

2. Being Too Salesy

I often see brands sell their products in the blogs or social media posts way too soon. Yes, sales are the key objective of every marketing campaign including content marketing.

But it has to be done in a subtle, classy way. The key purpose of your content should be educating and enlightening your customer. The AIDA formula should always be kept in mind while writing your content copy.

3. Not Promoting Your Content Enough

All the money spent on your content creation process will go down the drain if you don’t promote in enough.

Yes, once your content creation process is in place, you need to work on your distribution channel. Social media and email lists are two good places to start.

QnA sites like Quora can also bring in some amazing traffic. But don’t stop there too.

Keep resharing older posts on social media channels and Pinterest every few weeks to get more eyeballs on it. You may have gained new followers or subscribers who may have missed on your content.

Also, repurpose your existing in a new format like an infographic or youtube video to spread your message forward.

4. Not Being Audience Centric

A lot of brands often tend to share content that they want their audience to read. And not what their audience actually wants to read. They also use language that’s too hard for their target audience to understand in an attempt to look like an expert.

If your content is not useful to your reader, they won’t come back. So doing a small survey or keyword research will give you a better insight into what type of information your target audience is actively reaching out for.

Also using a simple, friendly voice without too many jargons resonates much better with the Indian audience in general.

5. Not Being Consistent.

Ever wonder why reader’s don’t visit your blog section? It’s because you are not updating it on a regular basis.

No one want’s to read outdated information. Even Google ranks websites that are updated regularly higher on its search engines.

So if you are looking to convert your readers into paying customers, keep them engaged by putting out content regularly- be it on social media or through your blog.

You can choose the frequency based on your budget or time availability. Weekly, biweekly or fortnightly- it’s all good as long as you do consistently.

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