About Me

Looking for help in content creation or freelance writing? You are in the right place!

Hey! I am Rutu Desai, a Freelance Content Writer and Blogger. I help bloggers and entrepreneurs improve their content strategy to boost their online presence. I also share tips on freelance writing for aspiring writers looking to kick-start their own freelance career.

How Did It All Began?

I was born and bought up in Mumbai, India where I live with my family. After completing my Master’s degree in Commerce, I joined a HR firm as an intern and realized I hated the 9 to 5 life and there was no way I could do this all my life.

So being a beauty enthusiast, I decided to start my own blog where I could share tips and honest product reviews until I figure out another career plan. And that’s how my first blog Demure Beauty was born.

I enjoyed the content creation process and the freedom it gave to live my life on my own terms that I decided become a freelance content writer. Since then, I have worked with clients ranging from small niche bloggers to an international footwear brand as a ghostwriter and content writer. 

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